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Testing of Antiseismic Devices

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Experimental Activities

SISMALAB is an experimental laboratory supported by technical experience through which it is possible to do several laboratory or direct tests. It’s important the difference between direct tests with residence facilities and the potential ones which combine technical skills and available equipment.

Research & Development

All the activities of SISMALAB laboratory belong to the Research & Development fields. Since the demand of the foreign market is increasing, there is need of constant upgrade and modernization attaching importance also and above all to equipments and competences.

Equipment's Optimization

SISMALAB is above all R&D. Ready to catch the needs of the foreign market, its main skills and goals are: availability to adjust , implement and develop test equipment. It's an ever in progress realty, ready to catch and to respond to suggestions and needs arriving from the market.

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What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.



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