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The Convention: “Seismic Safety, Never-Ending Open Challenges”

The experimentation: a connection between technique and technology

What are the government institutions and the companies from all over the world doing to cope with the decrease of seismic risk to protect our patrimony and lives?

The purpose of the conference is to compare and to spread the know-how of several personalities who belong to the seismic field, taking into account the tragic and constant seismic events over the Italian and international areas. It can be considered as an epilogue of what SISMALAB laboratory has done over the last weeks: from the National Civil Protection exhibition “Terremoti d’Italia”, several educational and scientific events dedicated to children to this conference dedicated to professionals belonging to the seismic field.

The project is extremely challenging. – Martina Caramia, SISMALAB administrator says – The goal is to spread science knowledge putting aside its prejudices. Earthquakes are natural events which can be faced using solutions which transform the energy created beneath the Earth reaching the surface itself.”.

Hence, the Order of Engineers in Taranto with the cooperation of SISMALAB laboratory, the Italian Civil Protection and the support of Crispiano municipality has decided to give birth to this event which will be a divulgation experience about a crucial issue that involves the whole world. The aim of the conference is to give voice to all the protagonists involving well-known and experienced personalities in this field.

The conference will take place in Taranto, on the May 4th 2018 at 9:00 a.m., the Polytechnic of Bari, at Viale del Turismo, n.8, 74100 Taranto (TA). It will be possible to visit SISMALAB Laboratory (experimental anti-seismic engineering solutions) on request, at Contrada Alezza n.6, 74012 Crispiano, (TA).

Note: 3cfp for the morning session and 3cfp for the afternoon session will be issued for professionals belonging to the Italian order of Engineers.

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