Engineering Services

Engineering Services 2

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring for infrastructure and environment

Diagnosis Service

Of structures a.c., masonry, steel, wood

Control Services

Controls during construction and acceptance tests

measuring service

Measuring & Automation


  • Distance measurements with linear transducers and laser sensors.
  • Sampling up to 100Hz.
  • Use of NoSQL database.
  • Ultra Low Power IoT devices for remote sampling with Multimesh, LTE, 3G, 2G networks
  • Real time analisys.
  • Certifications.
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automation service

Measuring & Automation


  • Construction of load cells for sizes up to 25000kN and above on request.
  • Drive, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric systems.
  • High-precision modular lifting systems.
  • Automation of machines for force-displacement testing, wear test.
  • High dynamic hydraulic control systems.


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